TESSU - Together for Guidance and Counselling -project

Training and supporting the One-Stop Guidance Centres 2015-2019

In different parts of Finland One-Stop Guidance center (Ohjaamo) –service model for youth is going to implement as a part of Youth Guarantee policy. The core activities of the One-Stop Guidance Centres include personal counselling and guidance, support with life management, career planning, development of social skills and abilities, and support of educating oneself and employment.

TESSU - Together for Guidance and Counselling -project is a joint project of the Teacher Education College of JAMK University of Applied Sciences, the Professional Teacher Education Unit of Häme University of Applied Sciences and Åbo Akademi University. TESSU-project improves the service capabilities of the local and regional One-Stop Guidance Centres, by offering training and consulting to the One-Stop Guidance Center ‘s teams. Supported by the TESSU-project and -training the staff of the One-Stop Guidance Centres and their stakeholders work as a multidisciplinary, low access service provider communities.



Auli Sesay
Project Manager
040 594 1476

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