TESSU - Together for Guidance and Counselling -project

Training and supporting the One-Stop Guidance Centres 2015-2019

In different parts of Finland One-Stop Guidance center (Ohjaamo) –service model for youth is going to implement as a part of Youth Guarantee policy. The core activities of the One-Stop Guidance Centres include personal counselling and guidance, support with life management, career planning, development of social skills and abilities, and support of educating oneself and employment.

TESSU - Together for Guidance and Counselling -project is a joint project of the School of Professional Teacher Education of JAMK University of Applied Sciences, the Professional Teacher Education Unit of Häme University of Applied Sciences and Åbo Akademi University. TESSU-project improves the service capabilities of the local and regional One-Stop Guidance Centres, by offering training and consulting to the One-Stop Guidance Center ‘s teams. Supported by the TESSU-project and -training the staff of the One-Stop Guidance Centres and their stakeholders work as a multidisciplinary, low access service provider communities.

Our latest article "The One-Stop Guidance Centers and the transdisciplinary, network-based approach" in Kohtaamo Project 's publication 2018. Read the article!





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